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Red Academy

Red Academy
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Part of the RED Academy since 2023

The purpose of this Dutch-language platform is a concrete step towards more FME knowledge, by sharing it between users. We come up with a solution that is accessible to everyone, regardless of organization or level.

Since 2019, we have been using our FME experience to train dozens of FME users of all levels to become experts in the field of data transformation and automation. Now we go beyond training and come up with one complete solution that will further support your FME use.

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This unique concept is the place for every Dutch-speaking FME user, regardless of level, who wants to learn at their own pace, quickly find the right tools, connect with other users and get more value from data.

This is what the RED Academy offers you:

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This is what you get as a member of the RED Academy:

FME Training

FME Form Basic and Advanced training, FME Flow Authoring and Admin training. In Dutch with Dutch and Flemish dates. Better examples that you can actually encounter in practice. Our exercises ensure that you can get started with your own data processes right away. Are you missing something? Let us know, we regularly add extra modules on all kinds of different topics.

RED Community

A place where all FME people can share knowledge and ask each other for help and help them further. This unique place is for both beginners and advanced users. Create your own group for your organization or join a group that focuses on specific issues that are common in municipalities, for example. The strength lies in the members.

Guest Experts

We may have been one of the first FME users in Flanders and the Netherlands, but we have been seeing many experts building valuable workflows for years. Logical, because FME offers so many options that you can no longer be an all-round expert. We ask the best specialists in the field about various facets of the profession to share their tips with you.

No LIVE presence required

There is always something planned… We understand that it can be a challenge to be present LIVE at every session. Our goal is to offer diversity in topics and guest speakers. That is why there is always the option to watch the sessions later.

RED Academy Live sessions

Putting the learned theory into practice makes following a course truly successful. At the same time, we know how busy agendas often leave little room to work on this on your own willpower.


We organize an online LIVE session for which you do not have to prepare or know anything at all. We will encourage you to take a step forward together in the field of data transformation. All you have to do is participate.


Be inspired by others, ask questions and discover practical tips that you can use immediately.

Workspace Review

Would you like advice about your FME Workspace? Want to know which Transformer is best to use? Want to discover how you can automate better with FME Server or just discuss a challenge? That’s possible!


We regularly organize a workspace review marathon where you can submit your challenge to us and receive LIVE advice from our FME experts and (if you want) also from other FME users present in this session. There are often multiple solutions possible or perhaps another user has the same challenge.

RED Academy Trainings

In addition to the Basic and Advanced training, we also have many separate modules to tackle a problem or explain a useful solution. We have modules on FME and Excel, Regular Expressions, common errors, Best Practices and much more!


An annual subscription to the RED Academy costs EUR 1,123