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FME Server Dashboard​

Excellent insight

Dashboard extension

Together with Red Geographics we developed an extension to the existing dashboards of FME Server and FME Cloud. The goal? Get an excellent insight into the load on your FME Server.

Our approach? We answer a few important questions. Are there times when a process starts up too slowly? Are there processes that take too long, causing other delays? The answers are a crucial source of information and help you make important decisions. Perhaps you would do well, for example, to invest in an extra engine?

How does it work? You receive four reports: daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly. This is how you monitor the impact of a configuration change. We feed the dashboards from a database – which we update daily. The database is part of the FME Server configuration and is therefore also transferred when a server is upgraded.

Do you have any questions about upgrading your FME Server Dashboard? Then be sure to contact us. During a software demonstration, we will work together to find out what the product can do for your organisation.