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IMKL Read and Convert

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Since 2015, anyone who carries out digging works must submit a KLIP application. This prevents excavation damage. Every cable and pipeline manager in Flanders sends the location of its underground infrastructure via the IMKL format. This XML format is INSPIRE-based and not always readable by CAD and GIS software. The solution? Nordend developed a special plug-in on FME Server. This converts the format into a file that is immediately usable by the project developer.

How does it work? First, the system converts each theme layer from the IMKL into an intermediate format. Then the user chooses his favourite: GeoPackage, SpatiaLite, DWG, DWG with OD (AutoCAD Map 3D), DGN, SDF, SHP, FileGeoDB or FFS.

The advantages? The maximum flexibility to apply your existing templates to the DWG and DGN files. You decide which attributes are visible in the output and which name they are given. This is an excellent solution for SHP-files where the length of the names is limited: the IMKL Read and Convert can be implemented perfectly in your current business processes.

The Nordend solution:

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